Cardboard Craving Cat Caretaker Customizes Cute Cosplay Cutouts


Gua-Gua the cat loves it some cardboard.  So its owner, Weibo user toshiya86 had a special treat in store for his birthday.  She designed a series of cardboard cutouts that it could stick its head through transforming Gua-Gua into some of anime’s greatest characters.  Even if you’re not into anime you can definitely still appreciate these cute pictures.

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Fall Weekend

Nice and Knit

We had a beautiful weekend of Fall weather. I’m not sure it gets any better than it was!  It was also a busy weekend, filled with time with the nephews, a little knitting, some work, car washing, house chores, and a photoshoot!

Katie made it to Haiti and so far, so good. Two of her three young men stayed at my house Thursday & Friday night. They were very well behaved. Katie mentioned she’d try and check the blog this week — so here are some pictures for ya Kate!  We spent some time at the batting cages on Saturday where they hit several “home runs”.  They look like a not-so-distant cousin to Marvin the Martian, too.

Most of my Sunday was spent working but I did take about 15 minutes for a quick craft project to spice up my mantle.

And thanks to Aly for this very special gift.

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I am Henry & who R U 🙂

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Tips for hiring Private jet Charter

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When you find yourself going with a professional air carrier, you might have inescapable cancellations and delays, which is not witnessed while using private jets. At the airports, there is a great deal of the ready period for check-in, safety inspections as well as baggage handling. When you find yourself venturing with a non-public jet rental, happen to be on your fly as soon as you come in manchester international and your baggage is also boarded simultaneously.

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